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Get to Know the Newly Redesigned Toyota Tundra at Hamilton Toyota

The Toyota Tundra is renowned for being a well-built and durable truck. Recently, Toyota has completely redesigned the Tundra to be even more powerful, feature-packed, and spacious. And we have many models of these premium-grade trucks available at Hamilton Toyota in Portales, NM.

Let's look at what makes the newly redesigned Toyota Tundra a great choice for your next truck.

Tech and Interior Features

Today, technology features are crucial for many drivers. The Toyota Tundra performs admirably with plenty of high-tech and useful features that will make driving more luxurious and less stressful.

First, new Tundra models include a large, high-definition touchscreen on the dashboard. This will act as the center for all of the vehicle's most vital functions, like music streaming, navigation apps, and contact management. You can also use the dashboard to stream media, like shows, movies, and games for your passengers to enjoy while you drive.

To go along with these streaming features, Toyota includes a high-tech Bluetooth package with new Tundra models. This will enable you to enjoy your favorite songs with a crisp, high-definition sound designed for audiophiles.

Another great feature is the Tundra's panoramic camera. This provides a clear, responsive view of the 360-degree area surrounding your vehicle. This feature makes parking and pulling out safely more convenient.

The Tundra's interior is impressive as well. Models have options for premium-grade, genuine leather or synthetic leathers that are more resistant to damage.

Exterior & Performance Features

The new Tundra models on our lot have powerful engines that feature custom technology to deliver enormous results. Our team loves the horsepower and torque capabilities of our new Tundra models. The engine provides the truck with a great feeling of responsiveness by providing feedback immediately after applying pressure to the pedal. It's durable and reliable when placed under a lot of pressure.  This means it can be safely pushed to its limits on off-road escapades.

New Tundra models include innovative, strong powertrains, steel frames, and suspensions, which translates to impressive towing capabilities. And despite its power and heavy-duty appearance, the new Tundra features an exceptional fuel economy on the road and the highways of Hereford, TX and Muleshoe, TX.

Another performance feature is the 10-speed automatic transmission. It's a high-quality mechanism that gives you significant control over your truck, increasing responsiveness and driver confidence in demanding and tumultuous situations. The innovative transmission will prove especially useful off-road.

Capability Features on the 2022 Toyota Tundra

The Tundra impresses with its slew of capability features. First is Multi-Terrain Select. It's a useful function that automatically regulates wheelspin, traction, and throttle depending on the feedback it receives from its sensors. The feature will also automatically adjust the truck's height. It includes options specialized for different terrains, like mud, dirt, rock, and sand.

2022-Toyota Tundra

Another useful capability is the enhanced grip the Tundra can use when towing. The tech is enabled by special electronically-activated locks located on the rear wheels that provide more control over traction. The Tundra features a 7-pin towing connector and can alternate between towing and hauling-specific modes through its user interface. The differences between modes will be most felt in changes to throttle and traction.

Lastly, the Tundra can automatically detect the length of the trailer or vehicle you're attempting to tow. This useful and intuitive feature makes connecting vehicles and making turns easier.

Trim Levels

Each trim comes with a short and long-bed configuration. Our team will set you up with the right version for you.

  • SR - Standard configuration. Features collision warnings and adaptive cruise control.
  • SR5 - Enhanced model with more equipment, like LED fog lights. Best for the outdoors.
  • Platinum - The luxury model, it includes interior lighting and a premium audio system. More legroom.
  • TRD Pro - Option optimized for rough terrain with dampers and skid plates. Best for off-roading.

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